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Choose from our range of website templates from just £395

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All Antiquity websites are designed to display beautifully at any screen size for desktops, tablets and mobiles. Google now prioritises results for mobile-friendly websites. With one of our template websites, you will be up and running in next to no time.

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Basic modifications are usually free of charge or very low cost. More advanced design changes can be made by us or your existing web developer. Our service is completely transparent, open and flexible, so you are not tied in to us for website customisation.

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Benefit from our core integrated SEO features to help maximise your Google results. Our websites are based on the world-leading Magento 2 engine which has outstanding SEO, excellent e-commerce options and analytics.

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Everything as Standard

Standard pages include: Home, stock list and stock detail, latest items, archive, featured items, events, artists / makers, blog, about, contact form, print pages and much more.

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Hosting Included

No need to pay for website hosting elsewhere - we host your Antiquity website at no extra charge - it’s included in your Antiquity Software subscription.

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E-commerce is available for dealers who want to sell online. Just check a box in Antiquity to include an item for sale - only checking items you want to sell online.

All templates can be customised to suit your requirements.

We also create beautiful bespoke websites.

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