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SeekUnique is the new name
for Antiquity Software
SeekUnique is the new name for Antiquity Software

We are delighted to be approved and recommended by AWAD, LAPADA & BADA

We are delighted to be approved and recommended by

Client Testimonials

Just wanted to say we are delighted with the new website. Looks great, and [is] so fast!

Chris Radford, Windsor House Antiques, Cambridgeshire - 2021
Thank you to the team at SeekUnique; their product has improved the efficiency and presentation of our antique stock immeasurably, and we are very grateful for their hard work and ability to create bespoke modifications to suit our company’s specific needs. We couldn’t recommend SeekUnique more highly, it has had a huge impact on our company’s day to day runnings.
Hawker Antiques (Jamb) - 2021
Before I used to manage the business in excel for the sales and purchase details were just in emails or in my head. I could manage everything when I had a small inventory but [as we grew] it was difficult to keep everything in my mind as in one year my inventory almost doubled in size. Also as we are a growing business, I needed an interface to share data with my team. The new website has had really good feedback from my customers and overall I'm really satisfied with it. I am looking forward to the new features and functions that will be coming this year. Overall I'm really satisfied with the service and with the Business Manager software and I will for sure recommend you to my colleagues.
Raul Barragan Sanz, Opulence Vintage, Paris, France - 2021
Business manager has really changed our way of working. Before, we were to write down on paper and books which did not allow to share information easily and could lead to mistakes in our stock management, as well as being quite time consuming. Business manager is a great help for stock management, invoicing as well as analytics of our results. Furthermore, it allows to share instant information with the entire team, and to create processes to make the product management flow smooth and almost frictionless. As regards the content creation and the website, it’s a relief that everything is managed in the same software: especially for us, we have a multilingual version that allows us to create French and English page and product content together. We appreciate a lot of the functions that help gain time over time, like easily duplication of stock and content, rearrangement of pictures order, instant change in price or description if needed. The website is now really a fast extension to our stock management and we know our crucial it is to be online in this time of pandemic ! Looking forward to migrate to the next upgrade that will for sure bring other advantages !
Isabelle Murawka, FormesUtiles, France - 2021

We have been using Business Manager for more than 10 years, and in that time it has become an integral part of the day to day running of our business. Prior to that we used several different applications to manage our customer and stock databases plus all of our invoicing. Having these three key aspects integrated along with our emails saves us a considerable amount of time and effort.

The software has continued to evolve throughout the years and includes a number of very useful features such as creating stock tear sheets and several forms for collections, deliveries and appro, dealing with share partners and multiple other functionalities that help make running our antiques business quicker and easier.

The support team have always been very helpful and try to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. During the pandemic they helped us move everything over to their cloud server, ensuring we were able to continue using the software from home and carry on as-normal-as-possible under the circumstances. I would be very happy to recommend them to any other dealer or gallery. I would be very happy to recommend them to any other dealer or gallery.

James Kaye, Butchoff Antiques, London - 2021
I would recommend Business manager to any large or small business. Before using Business manager it was tedious keeping stock records up to date and accurate using Excel. Now all the relevant information, along with images are there [in one system] simply by searching for a name or stock number, saving me lots of time and energy knowing everything is in order and I can find what I want when I want. Having the integration of a Seek Unique website along with business manager makes adding stock on to my website very straight forward. Just tick the relevant buttons, add your information, everything is in one place. Again, saving lots of time which is key for my business.
Bradley Gent, Bradley Gent Antiques - 2021
SeekUnique is a wonderful company with really lovely and professional staff. Early on, I needed to ask lots of questions but I was never made to feel stupid or feel that I shouldn’t call as much; their support team were always happy to speak with me and show me what to do. They made it so simple and straightforward to upload all the necessary information and the many hundreds of photographs to the new website, and even though I know this was thanks to their fabulous system, I am giving myself credit for doing it so well!!
Said Nasim Hakieme, Hakiemie Rug Gallery - 2021

We pride ourselves on providing a very high level of customer support. Following the basic training that all customers receive and a follow up email to a new customer, we received this message…

"Regarding the training today and your follow-up email… I want to weep… and they are tears of utter joy. Thank you for coming into our lives."

Babette Kulik, Kulik Selzer Decorative Arts & Modern Design, London - 2019
We have been thinking about moving from our old, but dependable, paper-based way of working, to a fully computerised system for years. But despite our best efforts we hadn’t seen any software we thought would be suitable until Chaim showed us ‘Antiquity’. We are now in the early days of using the software and look forward to having it take over our current way of working. Initially, with such an enormous quantity of stock, we thought the job would be arduous, but the option to import data and the technical support and sound advice given by Chaim and his team has been second to none. The process has been seamless. The software continues to impress and we look forward to many more years working with Antiquity software.
Tom Edwards, Director, Abbott and Holder Ltd, London - 2017
After using Antiquity for 3 months, we are already seeing huge benefits to the day-to-day running of our business. With more than 6,000 pieces of stock, several sales locations, and lots of staff, it is invaluable to hold all of our stock information & imagery, contact information, and invoice history in one place and have one ‘source of truth’ for our team to use. Bringing all of our processes into one place is saving a huge amount of time and administration, allowing our team to concentrate on the important things: our clients & our stock. Thank you Antiquity for enabling us to run our business as efficiently as we always wanted to.
Jo Kahan - 2018

We took time to thoroughly compare different software systems when it came to choosing the new solution we needed for our growing art business. After careful consideration, Antiquity offered more tools and more customisation options all at an incredible price. They offered everything we wanted and more. To be honest, the main reason why we chose Antiquity is because we felt safe with the Antiquity team. We have not been disappointed. As a customer I feel that the Antiquity team really care about my business and understand my needs as a business owner. They go above and beyond to make what I need happen. Our gallery is based in Quebec, Canada but we also exhibit at around 15 fairs worldwide each year. Antiquity helped us with everything from labels, invoicing, location of inventory to more unique features such as customs clearance packing lists. That is obviously in addition to the fabulous, complete CRM embedded within Antiquity. Antiquity also provided us with a new website and our clients love it. The changeover to Antiquity was simple and seamless, including importing all our data. I am so very happy that we made the change! Thank you, Antiquity for all you do for us!

Geneviève Lévesque, Director, Artêria Inc., Quebec, Canada - 2018
You have been busy - our new website looks fantastic! Thanks so much for doing this so quickly. You’ve done an amazing job. Particularly pleased with its format on an iPhone – very easy to use. Once again….. brilliant.
Val & Ed Foster, Foster & Gane, Nottinghamshire - 2017
Antiquity has been a real asset to our business, now that we have access to a streamlined database that is easy to use and provides so many added information management benefits. We have found the installation, training and support to be flawless and always friendly. Great service all-round.
Ilse Oliestelder, Robert Young Antiques, London - 2016

Antiquity in the News

We were proud to be the primary sponsor of the 2016 LAPADA Conference, written about here in the Antiques Trade Gazette (click here to read the article).

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We are delighted to be approved and recommended by AWAD, LAPADA & BADA

We are delighted to be approved and recommended by