Antiquity Software

Everything you need to organise and manage your antiques or art business and website

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Everything in one place

Manage all your data in one place, saving time and eliminating duplication. Store information about contacts, wants, communications, stock, images, appro, consignments, shares, artists, invoices, margin scheme, reminders and much more. Find anything in seconds using the powerful QuickSearch feature.

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Stock Management

Store details for an unlimited number of purchased or consigned items. Add multiple images simply by dragging. Link items to a maker or artist, enter description, price, provenance, literature, exhibitions, edition, condition, shipping, location and much more. Print a stock tear sheet in seconds or email direct to your clients.

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Website integration

If you have an Antiquity website, simply check check a box in Antiquity to display the item on your website. Check another box to make it a ‘featured item’. Sold items can be automatically marked as sold or removed. No need to resize your images or remember to update your website since Antiquity does it automatically.

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Smart Automation

Take advantage of the powerful integration and automation features to keep you in control of your business. Create an invoice and Antiquity automatically updates the stock records and client history automatically. Print stock or address labels with ease. Use the automated reminders to ensure that you never miss a sale.

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Marketing & Reporting

Make informed business decisions using the powerful analysis and reporting features. See which exhibitions worked best for you and identify your best customers, then use the marketing features to generate extra sales. Send bulk personalised HTML newsletters with stock images and links to your website in seconds.

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Outstanding Support

Benefit from our top-notch support service provided to you at no extra charge. Support is provided by email, telephone and also remote log-on, so you have complete peace of mind. All software and website updates are included and we invite customers to recommend new features and improvements.

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HMRC - Making Tax Digital - Changes for VAT Registered Businesses

The UK government's latest change to tax legislation called "Making Tax Digital" (MTD) will require all VAT registered businesses to start using a recognised and up-to-date accounting package from April 2019. Submission of VAT Returns to HMRC will then happen directly from your accounts software. HMRC are only integrating with software businesses that have over 10,000 clients and even if we had all the antique dealers in the UK that wouldn’t be enough! We are therefore integrating Antiquity with the market leading accounting software Xero. We will also consider other options for future integration, such as Quickbooks. Although the MTD rules start in April 2019, there is a relaxed ''soft landing' 12-month period during which businesses will not be penalised it they’re not ready. HMRC acknowledge that it will take time for everyone to go digital. Therefore you actually have until April 2020 to be fully on board for MTD. However that’s not a reason to delay getting started, but it just takes the edge off the urgency.

Click here for more details about MTD

Soft Landing Exception:
See section 3.2 .1.1 “Soft landing regarding digital links requirements"

A small selection of the many features in Antiquity

  • People

    Contacts - People

    Enter all the details about each customer. Store details about prospects, customers, suppliers, dealers, restorers etc. Add additional people, e.g. spouse or colleagues. Use the Contact Categories to analyse your contacts for analysis and targeted marketing. Enter wants and create reminders. Click the Correspondence tab to see a full communications history or click the Sales tab to see a full sales history for this contact.

  • Addresses

    Contacts - Addresses

    Enter as many addresses as required for each contact. Got a customer with 30 holiday villas around the world? No problem.

  • Correspondence

    Contacts - Correspondence History

    Antiquity stores a full correspondence history for each contact. Everything email or letter you send from Antiquity is stored and emails received in Antiquity from a recognised contact are added to their correspondence log automatically.

  • List View

    Contacts - List View

    View all the contacts that match your search criteria

  • Spelling & Phonetic Matching

    Contacts - Spelling & Phonetic Matching

    In the process of entering a new contact, Antiquity intelligently identifies possible matches by both spelling and phonetics, helping you to avoid making duplicate entries.

  • Sales Invoices

    Contacts - Sales Invoices

    Benefit from instant access to a customer’s sales history from their contact record. Click on any entry to view the invoice or the specific items purchased.

  • Sales Invoices

    Contacts - Address Labels

    Print address labels in seconds without the need to use any other program.

  • Stock Details

    Stock - Details

    Stock details. Enter a category, title, price, description, dimensions and select the artist or maker. Drag-and-drop as many images as required and Antiquity automatically resizes them for PDF and for the web. To show this item on your Antiquity website, it’s as easy as checking the ‘Show’ option.

  • List View

    Stock - List View

    Stock list view. Summary values are automatically calculated so you can see the total value of the items listed, e.g. all current stock.

  • Purchase Information

    Stock - Purchase Information

    Enter additional details about a purchase or consignment. Identify if this item is liable to Artist Resale Rights (Droit de Suite) and enter Temporary Import details if appropriate.

  • Share Partners

    Stock - Share Partners

    Enter details about share partners and restoration.

  • Sales Information

    Stock - Sales Information

    When an item is added to an invoice, Antiquity automatically marks it’s stock record as sold and updates the website automatically by removing it or marking it as ‘sold’. The sales information is now also shown on the Sales tab.

  • Stock Labels

    Stock - Labels

    Print stock labels with or without images and optional QR codes.

  • Creating an Invoice

    Invoice - Creation

    Creating an invoice in Antiquity is a simple point & click process. Create invoices in seconds with margin scheme VAT calculated automatically. Antiquity takes care of all the export & EU options for VAT and also allows you to add non-stock items to an invoice, e.g. a tin of wax polish. You can even mix margin scheme, including VAT and excluding VAT items on an invoice if necessary.

  • Invoice Extra Details

    Invoice - Extra Details

    View the detailed invoice to see cost prices, restoration costs and gross profit.

  • Website enquiry

    Correspondence - Email Module

    Use the email module in Antiquity to manage your communications. Any incoming emails from a recognised contact are automatically linked to their correspondence history. Enquiries from your Antiquity website will also be received here.

  • Website enquiry

    Correspondence - Send Beautiful Emails

    Send beautifully designed HTML emails direct from Antiquity without the need to use any other email program. All communications are automatically added to the customers’ correspondence history. Statistics show a six-fold increase in response rates when communications are personalised, so Antiquity does this for you! Sending an email newsletter to a hundred people is as easy as sending to one person.

  • Website enquiry

    Correspondence - Send Stock Update Emails

    It’s super simple to sending a stock update newsletter with images and links to your Antiquity website.